The most important books written about climate change

Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything ,2016

Identifies the problem with the current version of neoliberal capitalism, not capitalism per se. Is critical of the green movement  as being less realistic than the fossil fuel industry. They know that they are wrecking the earth which is why they deny climate change to ensure their own survial. Greens mistakenly think that renewable technology can save the earth when it cant. Also, drawing on the growing First Nations movement in Canada, has faith in indigenous peoples who are closer to nature have a cultural system which sees themselves as part of nature, not above it and controlling it or dismissing it, or counting it as an externality, as neoliberal capitalism does.

Mark Anielski:The Economics of Happiness

Investigates in detail   the pursuit and measurement of  societal and individual wellbeing instead of endless economic growth. He develops a GPI (genuine progress Indicator) which would replace GDP  as a measure of national wellbeing. Especially relevant to NZ, which does very badly in areas such as climate change, inequality, prison population, domestic violence, obesity, teenage suicide.

Books about climate change, its causes, effects and solutions