UNEP GAP Report 2018. Has tracked the gap between the degree of warming which Paris Agreement signatories' commitments implies, and the necessary world emissions reductions needed to keep to 1.5 degrees of warming

IPCC Special Report 1.5. This 2018 report argues and provides evidence that the world should aim at the lower of the two Paris targets; ie. no more than 1.5 degrees of warming, rather than 2 degrees which would lead to unacceptable risks and outcomes to life on earth.


How To Solve Climate Change in New Zealand - A Logical plan

This essay puts forward a plan for New Zealand to be a model country for the world to follow towards a post-carbon future of less than 1.5 degrees of warming


Naomi Klein: This changes Everything, 2016. Klein argues that rather than Capitalism itself, it is the particular brand of growth-dependent Neo-Liberal Capitalism which is driving the world to climate- change disaster.. Also suggests that corporate climate-change deniers are more realistic than Greenies who believe that technology such as solar panels and electric cars can save humanity. Deniers see that the whole economic system will have to change, hence their denial to preserve themselves and their wealth and assets.